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ABC of Innovation - R: Reason to believe

R: Reason to believe

“When you’re innovative, consumers are more trusting, because they think you really know what you’re doing.” Kevin Lane Keller

Reasons to believe provide the proof for consumers that your product will deliver the benefit you promise, either functionally or emotionally.

Reasons to believe answer the question “Why should I (the customer) believe you?” They are often facts, measurable specifications, awards your product won or endorsements by professionals (a doctor), public figures (Oprah) or peer groups (via Facebook). Make sure reasons to believe are written in a level of complexity and technicality that fits your target audience and that all reasons to believe support the product’s key benefit, otherwise you will confuse your customers.

Did you know that...

Numbers make your reason to believe perceived as being ‘more true’. For example, Lavazza coffee claims to put ‘115 years of experience in every capsule’. People trust in authority. This is why you see so many people in white coats in commercials. Some companies bend the rules a bit by establishing their own non-profit organization that hands out awards. So they can claim to have won the ‘best product award’ in their category. An endorsement by Oprah is so powerful that marketing professionals call it the ‘Oprah effect’. With Oprah retiring, popular bloggers are taking over her role within specific target audiences.

The whole ABC of Innovation can be downloaded from our site by 'Pay-with-a-Tweet-or-post'.

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