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Sunidee is an innovation agency from Amsterdam with offices in Hong Kong and Paris.

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ABC of Innovation - W: Wargame

W: Wargame

“Courage is often lack of insight, whereas cowardice in many cases is based on good information.” - Peter Ustinov

Business war gaming provides vital insights into market dynamics and possible future scenarios, and is a great way to engage the organization in strategy formulation when the competitive environment is undergoing massive change.

By simulating moves and countermoves in a commercial setting, it gives new insight into how different companies can react to change, as well as to each other. These insights are crucial for developing a robust strategy that enables your organization to win in the marketplace.

Did you know that…

SunIdee developed a one-day Business Model War Game based on the Business Model Canvas. ‘The Art of War’, an ancient Chinese book on military strategy by Sun Tzu, describes 13 different aspects of warfare and has had a strong influence on military thinking, business tactics and legal strategies across the world.

The whole ABC of Innovation can be downloaded from our site by 'Pay-with-a-Tweet-or-post'.

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