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Inspiration: Start-ups and game changers

What I like most about innovation? Clever companies that combine technology and design to change the game.

Below are several examples of players that are potential game changers. Some have already set the new standard; others are just getting started to disrupt their industry.


Gesture control: MYO

Control all kinds of gadgets with your finger or hands

MYO claim: “Effortless interaction”

Others on MYO:


Driving assistant - Automatic

Connect your smartphone to your car to get feedback and advice

Automatic claim: “Makes driving safer, more efficient, and fun.”

Others on Automatic:


Home security – Hive Labs

A clever combination of neighborhood watch and home security.

Hive Labs claim: “The world's first security system powered by your social network”

Others on Hive Labs:


Watching TV – Fan TV

A new way of watching your favorite content.

Fan TV claim: “Simplify your living room with one device that does it all.”

Others on Fan TV:


Indoor environment: Cube Sensors

Sensors that measure how ‘healthy’ the different rooms in your house or office are.

Cube Sensors claim: Make your home healthier, your office more productive

Others on Cube Sensors:


Health care: Tinké

Sensor to link to your iPhone to track your heart rate, blood oxygen level, respiratory rate and more.

Tinké claim: “Fitness and wellness monitoring is at your fingertips. Any time, any where”

Other on Tinké:


Home ambience: Philips Hue

Remote controlled lighting

Philips claim: “Personal wireless lighting”

Others on Philips Hue:


And finally, my personal favorite:


Video camera: GoPro

Small wearable video camera to record your own sports action videos.

GoPro: “Wear it. Mount it. Love it.”

Others on GoPro:


Can’t get enough of the action?



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