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“Eureka! I have a great idea. A brilliant idea!”

Do you recognise this feeling? The feeling that you have a truly great idea, so great in fact that you wonder why you didn’t think of this before. The truth is that you probably have been thinking about it for a while and that even though it seems like the idea pops up out of nothing, the building blocks have been around for some time in your mind.

Most often, an idea is created by a new combination of elements you already are familiar with. Steven Johnson explains how this works in his wonderful animated drawing.

How can we create these moments of creativity and innovation when we want to? By bringing together a multidisciplinary team of creative people and guiding them through a creative process, using the right tools.

There are an enormous amount of different brainstorming techniques out there, and we have tried and tested many of them. We found that association techniques based on visual aspects works best, which is why we developed BrainBricks. BrainBricks help brains to create new combinations of existing elements, exactly as Steven Johnson explains in his movie clip. Get your own set of BrainBricks in our webshop andy give it a go!