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About Sunidee

We help companies to innovate successfully.

Sunidee is an innovation agency from Amsterdam with offices in Hong Kong and Paris.

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Celebrating 10 years of SunIdee: Dr. Innovation

Suffering from innovation illness, and no idea where to go? Come visit Dr. Innovation at SunIdee.

In the past 10 years we have gained tremendous experience in diagnosing innovation illnesses, treating them and keeping companies healthy. And you can now benefit from this!
To celebrate our 10-year anniversary we introduce Dr. Innovation's freely accessible consulting hours. Every Friday morning during our anniversary year - starting Friday September 21st, you can visit Dr. Innovation in our Amsterdam office from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Two SunIdee innovation specialists will be available to provide first aid in all your innovation injuries, illnesses or issues. Making an appointment is not necessary, but we advise you to let us know if you want to discuss a specific topic so we can make sure our topic-expert will be present.

4 easy steps to feeling better:
  1. Leave early to beat traffic jams
  2. Have a croissant with a delicious coffee at SunIdee
  3. Brainstorm with one of our innovation specialists
  4. Go to your office and share your new ideas with colleagues
Every Friday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

SunIdee Headquarters
Prinsengracht 739-741
1017 JX Amsterdam

“Eureka! I have a great idea. A brilliant idea!”

Do you recognise this feeling? The feeling that you have a truly great idea, so great in fact that you wonder why you didn’t think of this before. The truth is that you probably have been thinking about it for a while and that even though it seems like the idea pops up out of nothing, the building blocks have been around for some time in your mind.

Most often, an idea is created by a new combination of elements you already are familiar with. Steven Johnson explains how this works in his wonderful animated drawing.

How can we create these moments of creativity and innovation when we want to? By bringing together a multidisciplinary team of creative people and guiding them through a creative process, using the right tools.

There are an enormous amount of different brainstorming techniques out there, and we have tried and tested many of them. We found that association techniques based on visual aspects works best, which is why we developed BrainBricks. BrainBricks help brains to create new combinations of existing elements, exactly as Steven Johnson explains in his movie clip. Get your own set of BrainBricks in our webshop andy give it a go!

Inspiration: The People's Supermarket (London)

"For the people by the people"
A while ago I visited one of the most remarkable supermarkets ever. Today, exactly 18 months ago they openend their doors and are throwing a party for it as we speak. Anyway, it was very innovative, but not in the way one would expect at all... No fancy lighting, self scan or other high tech shopping solutions to be found. Not even close! First of all I had to actually find the supermarket (currently there is only one in the world) and secondly I had high expectations, but was a bit dissappointed when I entered the supermarket. It was small, not very organized, and not well designed at all. But as said before: the innovation here is in the thought behind the supermarket and especially in the way of running it: for the people by the people. This sign in the store explains the basics:

So this is nice and all, but what is the aim and mission of this community initiative? One of the founders explains and says: "The People’s Supermarket is not for the exclusive use of members. The aim is to convert regular customers to Members when they see the quality of the produce, the lower prices and the vibrancy of the supermarket."

"It has 8 key objectives:
♣ Create a commercially successful social enterprise that is not grant/fund dependent.
♣ Helping families and low income groups in the community buy better quality fresh produce.
♣ Enable a local community to shape the provision of their local food retail offer.
♣ Provide training opportunities for the long term unemployed or socially excluded.
♣ Minimise food waste.
♣ Act as a catalyst to improve community cohesion.
♣ Through education encourage healthier eating practises.
♣ Supporting British farmers and food producers.

"We are a cooperative store that seeks to deconstruct the way mass food retailers do business and reshape it along what we feel are more ethically and environmentally sustainable lines. By bringing communities and people together."

For more information read the entire co-founder speech or have a look at the short animation

My learning (over and over again): innovation isn't always about the newest of the newest, the highest tech available, futuristic design or finding alternatives for 'dull' hand work. Sometimes it is just about not accepting the status quo, or going back to basic consumer needs or staying much closer to original products or even letting go of the usual business models and come up with less money driven models, but with other kind of benefits. It may sound easy, but it takes a lot of guts to turn around 180 degrees.

Most important of all: do it, implement it, walk the talk. Otherwise your ideas will just be ideas; nothing more, maybe even less