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Sunidee is an innovation agency from Amsterdam with offices in Hong Kong and Paris.

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Business Model War Game - a battle of business models

It is the time of year that most companies start to rethink their strategy and business models. An effective way to think out of the box in strategy formulation is to organise a Business War Game. SunIdee has developed a special version of such a War Game to help companies rethink their business model in a strategic context: the Business Model War Game.

Are you curious how this works in practice? View our slideshare or visit

The results of your war game will be summarised in a movie clip, making it easy for you to share results with colleagues. Let us know if you would like to offer your colleagues a whole new experience!

Are you new to War Games or Business Model Innovation? Read on:

Business War Games
Business war gaming provides vital insights into market dynamics and possible future scenarios, and is a great way to engage the organisation in strategy formulation when the competitive environment is undergoing massive change. By simulating moves and countermoves in a commercial setting, it gives new insight into how different companies can react to change, as well as to each other. These insights are crucial for developing a robust strategy that enables your organisation to win in the marketplace.

In many battles that have been fought in the marketplace, the market leader found himself outsmarted by a competitor with a completely different culture and behaviour. Not feeling limited by any of the unwritten business rules, this competitor makes smart moves by altering the business model. Some examples: changing launch windows (Zara), creating product-service systems (iPod / iTunes), building ‘long tail’ portfolios (Netflix), changing pricing structures (Google auctioning off search terms), and many more. This is why we believe a business model approach to war games adds value.

Business Model Innovation
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