Amstel - Ideas & concepts for the next 3 years

Co-creation innovation project

“This innovation project has given us many relevant product ideas, and a new perspective on our complete product portfolio.”

(Marketing manager Amstel, Heineken Netherlands)

Background and opportunity

Amstel, one of the world’s leading beer brands, focused on branding and communication resulting in a strong market presence. To further grow its market share, especially amongst young adults, Amstel wants to develop new products that especially appeal to this target group.
SunIdee worked with Amstel to define an innovation strategy, identify consumer insights and develop a wide range of ideas and concepts to ensure a steady steam of innovation for the next 3 years. In total 16 Amstel experts, 27 consumers and 2 SunIdee innovation specialists were involved in the project.


  • A clear innovation strategy to strengthen the portfolio, focused on 5 innovation themes

  • 45 consumer insights
  • 8 clusters of ideas; 50 ideas in total
  • 7 new product concepts

  • one product on the market
  • two products in development


Define an innovation strategy, building on the Amstel brand values and a thorough portfolio analysis. This step included consultancy and a one-day portfolio workshop.

Based on existing market research and additional consumer interviews, SunIdee identified consumer insights relevant to the 5 innovation themes. In two different one-day creative workshops, the team generated a large variety of new product ideas that served as input for two co-creation workshops with consumers

The co-creation sessions with consumers indicated the most promising innovation directions, which became the basis for new product concepts. In a one-day concept workshop the team further worked on these product concepts, leading to concrete proposals for new products. In two co-creation workshops with consumers these concepts were further detailed.

SunIdee captured all results in a report and presented the final results to management.