Breda - Brand proposition for a business area

Breda - Brand proposition for a business area

“The combination of guiding on content as well as the process is executed very well by SunIdee. The ease of guiding the group process is admirable.”

(Policy Consultant Economic Recruitment & Promotion, Gemeente Breda)

Background and opportunity

The areas Emer, Hintelaken and de Krogten are combined into one area in the challenge of revitalising these business areas. However, in reality these areas still resemble a patchwork of small pieces of business area.
One of the challenges is to create a shared identity, that contributes to a unite feeling. This should lead to the activation and alliance of entrepreneurs, employees and visitors in the area, which will attract new companies to settle their business in Breda, especially in this area.
SunIdee helped to develop a shared brand proposition that is supported by the municipality, the entrepreneurs, the business associations and other important stakeholders.

This project was made possible with of support from the European Regional Development Fund, the province of Noord-Brabant and the municipality of Breda within the OP-Zuid framework.


The brand proposition consisting of:

  • external focus (customer need and key discriminators)
  • internal focus (brand values, promise and proof)

Concrete actions, supported by the different stakeholders, to ensure the target group will continue to feel connected with identity of the business area.

Concrete starting points to market this part of Breda focussed on attracting new entrepreneurs.
The 32 people who have cooperated in developing the brand proposition and action plan and are enthusiastic about the results.


A number of employees from the municipality of Breda, the BOM, the business associations and entrepreneurs were trained to interview customers after the scope of the project was defined with the core team. The reports of these interviews provide insight into the drivers of the pre-defined target group.

The interview reports were the starting point for the brand proposition that was developed during two workshops. During those workshops, the circle of people who were involved was expanded by also inviting real estate agents, other entrepreneurs and education.

Short-term actions were formulated concerning three topics:

  • the business areas are an integrated part of the city
  • there is room for every entrepreneur in this business area
  • the public authorities facilitate, based on initiatives from the entrepreneurs
The entrepreneurs from the area will take responsibility for lifting the area to the next level.

This resulted in a brand proposition that is supported by all stakeholder of the business area Emer, Hintelaken and de Krogten and actions to implement the brand proposition in the short term.