ClubMed - Strategic future vision

Strategic innovation project

“Excellent cooperation with SunIdee both in the preparation and facilitation of the workshop. We have reached high added-value results and met all our objectives with the team members.”

(Organisation Development Director & Company Project Manager Club Med)

Background and opportunity

Club Med is the world specialist in all-inclusive, premium, friendly and multicultural holidays. Club Med operates a total of 75 Resorts at 25 destinations all around the world.
Make the actual Club Med Strategic Corporate Project end up successfully, e.g. define key outcomes and progress made, detail relevant information, communication, empowerment and action plans, define key strategic and concrete proposals to implement future directions for the next coming strategic period. These recommendations are to serve as a basis of inspiration for the Club Med General Management.
15 Club Med Managers, involved in the strategic corporate project management throughout the organisation, with different background and coming from several world areas, i.e from Human Resources to Sales and Marketing, including Sustainable Department.


An enthusiastic team with a common view of Club Med corporate project results and key strengthes to build on for the new strategic period.

A detailed plan to succeed in the ending of the current strategic corporate project.

3 Club Med 2015 Visions drafts providing insightful inspiration to the Club Med General Management.


During a two-day workshop, we gave the team an overview of best practices in strategic corporate planning and business transformation plans, which provided valuable insights and 10 key learnings, to help the team make a thorough feedback and express strong conclusions on Club Med former and current strategic corporate projects : what worked well, what needed to be improved.

Based on this general evaluation, the team had to design a successful action plan to complete the Club Med current strategic corporate project. Therefore, the team zoomed in and determined what were the results and achievements to be communicated, how to convey information, to whom stakeholders. A detailed planning was also issued.

Given their detailed plan, the team was invited to zoom out in order to think of their Club Med’s vision for the future. As an inspiration, the team went through the Club Med’s timeline and agreed on the Club Med’s DNA. Then, the participants followed an outside-in approach. First they got into the Club Med stakeholders’ perspectives to identify the main challenges Club Med is facing. To go a step further in the outside-in thinking process, the team dived into a “macro/micro world and market trend tour” to open-up imagination.

Finally, the team outlined 3 Club Med vision drafts for the future with key recommendations.