Co-creation workshop Food2Market

Co-creation with food SMEs

"Extremely valuable to be in contact with consumers in such an interactive way”

(Development and quality control, Larco Foods)

"I am surprised and pleased with the amount of ideas you receive through co-creation!”

(Marketing Director, VeggieFiber)

"This has been a very inspiring session for our "Smoods" of the future!”

(Product Developer, Smood - Smart food)

Background and opportunity

Based in Wageningen, at the heart of food research, Food Valley stimulates innovation in the Dutch agro-food sector.
Within the project Food2Market, Food Valley is responsible for developing the Food2Market transnational product ideation laboratory. One of the initiatives of this laboratory is a co-creation methodology and course material that will allow the partners to be trained in a co-creation session and facilitate these sessions for SME’s.
The Food2Market Co-creation workshops brings together different SMEs from a specific agro-food sector. To jointly generate innovative ideas by co-creating with end-users of their products in order to add value to their products and to be able to keep their competitive advantage.


Co-creation process.

50 – 60 ideas were generated by co-creators.

3 concrete – visualised - propositions were judged and improved by co-creators.


Every workshop starts with a short intake interview between the contact point of Food Valley and the participating SME managers to gather basic information on their organisation, market place and sector. The central subject of the co-creation workshop, the goals and the desired results are discussed and approved upon beforehand.

Together with 6 – 8 co-creators lots of concrete ideas are generated.
SMEs make notes based on the consumer insights and ideas they get during the co-creation part.
Everybody present their ideas to the group.
The ideas are clustered based on consumer insights.

Every SME selects an idea cluster and further elaborates the idea into a proposition.
Via a speed date with co-creators, the SME presents the concept with a visual of the idea. The ideas are judged and improved.

The propositions are further elaborated by the SME and a shortlist of action points is worked out.