CPP - Create competitive differentiation

Define a customer-driven product portfolio for the future

“SunIdee supported us with idea generation, proposition development and developing a coherent product portfolio framework. This has provided excellent internal and external clarity and helped us to create competitive differentiation in our market. It also provided our product and marketing management team with a highly effective strategic tool.”

(Group marketing director, CPP Group Plc)

Background and opportunity

CPP Group plc (CPP) has over 30 years of experience in helping customers address complex issues associated with credit and debit card ownership, operating world-wide. In 2005 CPP did extensive trend research and defined its future positioning as a product leader in ‘Life Assistance’ products.
SunIdee worked with CPP over the past six years to define a product portfolio, innovation roadmaps and new service concepts for Life Assistance products, creating the right platform for growth and supporting an Initial Public Offering.


A clear portfolio framework, explaining a simple and visual way what Life Assistance means for consumers.

Product roadmaps containing many new service concepts, setting the innovation agenda for the next two years.

Today, CPP is a leading provider of Life Assistance products and services in 15 geographical markets, addressing complex issues associated with credit and debit card ownership, personal identity, mobile telephones, legal affairs, travel and the home. CPP successfully entered the London Stock Exchange in 2010.


Analysis of the ‘Life Assistance space’, based on consumer insights, consumer trends and market trends.

A two-day workshop to define a portfolio framework, based on consumer needs.

A series of two-day creative workshops to generate ideas for new products and services within the life assistance space.

Create product roadmaps for the next two years and initiate new innovation projects.