CPP - Tool for creating new propositions

Design and implement a tool for creating new propositions

“The SunIdee toolbox is an excellent basis for creating bespoke tools. They developed the right methodology to address our complex business model, designed the tools and formats and trained our team to use it and to facilitate internal workshop. Excellent work!”

(Innovation director, CPP Group Plc)

Background and opportunity

CPP Group plc (CPP) is a leading provider of Life Assistance products and services with more than 11 million live policies in 15 geographical markets, helping customers address complex issues associated with credit and debit card ownership, personal identity, mobile telephones, legal affairs, travel and the home.
CPP wanted to improve the proposition development skills of its innovation team members to ensure new products and services are driven by consumer needs. SunIdee created a tailored model for creating propositions, addressing CPP’s complex business model and value chain.


A bespoke Proposition tool for defining new service propositions driven by consumer insights, addressing CPP’s complex business model and value chain.

Workshop materials to be used by CPP’s innovation team when facilitating proposition workshops.

The innovation team acquired new knowledge and skills in defining consumer insights, writing propositions and facilitating proposition workshops.


Analysis of CPP’s innovation process, and identify specific requirements with regards to defining new service propositions.

Definition of the roles and responsibilities of the innovation team with regards to creating propositions.

Tailor SunIdee’s PropositionWheel tool to fit CPP’s situation, and create examples relevant to the insurance industry.

Train the innovation team in creating strong propositions and facilitating proposition workshops.