LeasePlan - Growth strategy & new market

Growth strategy and product line to enter a new market

“The support of SunIdee was key to the successful development and launch of our new modular product offering targeted to the mid-end market. It was fun working together with the consultants from SunIdee, who quickly understood our market and provided both a pragmatic and orgininal approach to link product modules to customer needs."

(Strategy manager, LeasePlan Netherlands)

Background and opportunity

LeasePlan is one of the world's largest fleet management companies. It is a market market leader in the corporate segment, served by key account managers, and besides has an excellent online offering for individual clients. LeasePlan wanted to develop a new proposition to better serve the SME segment, which consists of a large group of customers that have an fleet size of several dozens of cars.
These customers require more assistance then small individual clients that are served with LeasePlan's standardized online offering, but are too small for a full-time account manager. No other fleet management company has been able to serve this group with an ideal offering; with the right balance between a competitive price (efficient handling) and a personal approach. SunIdee helped LeasePlan to come up with a completely new offering for these customers, by a combination of desk research, in-depth interviews with fleet managers, consultancy and innovation workshops.


Clear service portfolio structure with a modular build-up. This enables LeasePlan to offer a very complete package to their customers, for an unbeatable price.

Clear and strong offering for different types of customers in the SME segment: LeasePlan Easy Packages. Click here.

New sales methodology including marketing materials, that results in more successful acquisition and a more efficient quotation process.


Create an overview of the strategic context and value chain: important trends and drivers in the market, define key stakeholders and target customers, understand their needs.

Develop a customer-focused portfolio framework: the foundation for defining new services for the SME segment.

Create a product line that includes strong propositions for different target groups. Validate this with key customers.

Develop the right communication strategy and related marketing materials.