Liander - Communication mix for new service

Service innovation process

“SunIdee created a good atmosphere and with their open and flexible attitude we were able to achieve a lot in a short time period. It was nice to work with them parallel on the content of the new service and on the creation of the communication materials, in this way everything came together. Also the cooperation with our preferred design agency went very well.”

Marketing Communication Advisor, department Customer and Market at Liander

Background and opportunity

Liander is one of the largest grid operators for electricity and gas in the Netherlands. It is their responsibility to safeguard the reliability and continuity of the Dutch electricity and gas supply for households and industries. Liander wants to make an important contribution in improving the sustainability of energy supply and takes responsibility as a facilitator in the transition towards sustainable energy supply. An important part of this is to make their customers more conscious of their energy usage.
SunIdee guided the Liander team in a service innovation process. In this process a new service was developed. It helps their business clients to get detailed insight in the energy usage of their office building, in order to take the right actions to reduce energy consumption. In this process several disciplines were integrated: market research, customer centric proposition development and communication.


Insight in the context and needs of potential customers, reported in Customer Profiles

A relevant, distinctive and credible proposition and insight in what is needed to launch the service successfully.

A balanced communication mix, to support the introduction and execution of the service: a leaflet, A2 poster, A6 postcards, and an interactive communication tool for the advisor.


Strategic and creative workshops for defining the market, formulating the proposition, designing the service from their customers’ perspective, and developing ideas for the supporting communication mix.

Interviews with potential clients. The outtakes of the interviews provided validated customer insights, which were used to optimize the proposition and ideas.

Developing the communication materials. SunIdee developed the creative concept and the prototypes of different communication materials. This communication mix communicated the message in a remarkable and appealing way.

The Liander project team introduced their Kantoor-in-Kaart service in june 2011 on a government event, using the communication mix and discussion tool for the advisor. Have a look at the linked website: Liander, Kantoor in kaart.