NFI - Customer focused product portfolio

Customer focused product portfolio

“SunIdee managed to let us see our product offering from a whole new perspective, in a pragmatic and creative manner. Clients are enthusiastic about the new presentation of our product range”

(Team leader Account Management Front Office)

Background and opportunity

The NFI (‘Nederlands Forensisch Instituut’, an agency of the Ministry of Justice) provides high-quality forensic services to its clients, which varies from giving advice on the crime scene to analyzing traces that might serve as evidence in court cases. The NFI is a central forensic institute with an extensive and dynamic product range.
Because of continuous technological developments and the demand to use state of the art techniques, it is sometimes difficult for the clients to choose the best product or service from over 30 different forensic disciplines. SunIdee helped the NFI to come up with a clear portfolio structure and communication materials, that make it possible to quickly get a good understanding of the full range of services.


A clear portfolio structure that explains the extensive and complicated range of products and services of the different departments (with over 30 forensic disciplines) of the NFI in an easy manner.

A book that provides an overview of all different products, including detailed information on codes, approach, deliverables, and delivery times for each product: ‘Het forensisch boek’.
Take a look at the new NFI portfolio at their website by clicking here.

Additional communication material: Pocket size Z-Card and a large poster, to communicate the portfolio and popular DNA products.


Analyse customer needs, develop portfolio framework structure.

Position current and new products in the portfolio, adjust selection of products to better meet customer needs.

Design of concept and lay-out of the book, and support materials for communication.

Celebrate the new way of working with colleagues and clients!