NFI - Optimize the customer experience

Optimize the customer experience

“The only way to really find out what your customers think of your organization is to ask them for honest feedback.”

(Team leader Account Management Front Office)

Background and opportunity

The NFI (‘Nederlands Forensisch Instituut’, an agency of the Ministry of Justice) provides high-quality forensic services to its clients, which varies from giving advice on the crime scene to analyzing traces that might serve as evidence in court cases. The forensic institute works in close relationship with their clients in the criminal justice chain, i.e. police and public prosecutors.
A key objective for the NFI is to achieve optimum customer satisfaction and to really involve the customer in this process. SunIdee conducted a series of interviews together with the NFI, to come up with practical ideas to optimize the customer experience.


Valuable feedback on the overall customer experience, cooperation, and process.

5 validated innovation areas plus concrete suggestions for improvements.

A clear signal to the customers as important business partners, which are taken serious by the NFI organization.


Make an overview of the process and relevant customer touch points.

Create interview plan and prepare interview materials.

Conduct customer interviews with representative selection of clients.

Present interview results including recommendations for process improvements to optimize the customer experience.