Philips - Global market introduction of a new product line

A new line of headphones

“Probably the best innovation workshop I’ve ever done!”

(Business Manager Sound Accessories, Philips Consumer Lifestyle)

Background and opportunity

Philips is a strong player in the market for consumer headphones and wants to further strengthen its position in Europe for both indoor and outdoor headphones. Audio accessories are becoming increasingly important for retailers since they strive to compensate the margin squeeze on core products with high-margin accessories. The innovation cycle in headphones is very high as a result of technological developments as well as the influence of fashion trends.
Philips Consumer Lifestyle initiated its transition towards a consumer-driven company eight years ago by defining a 10-step innovation process for the fuzzy front-end. SunIdee is a specialist in this innovation process and helped Philips Consumer Lifestyle to identify consumer insights, generate bright ideas and develop strong propositions.


35 consumer profiles, revealing multiple consumer insights

Over 200 ideas, grouped into 8 themes 26 new product concepts

4 new products in the market


Qualitative consumer research amongst European and American consumers to identify consumer insights.

Two-day innovation workshop focused on creating ideas and propositions for outdoor headphones. The workshop took place in Hong Kong, where the Philips headphones team is located, with an international, multidisciplinary team.

Further develop propositions and make them ready for testing with consumers.

Successful global market introduction