PPG - Identify short-term sales opportunities

Identify short-term sales opportunities

“It's amazing how quick SunIdee can accellerate your organization and move ahead in the innovation process. They are very flexible and cooperative, but do not digress and always keep the initial objectives in mind.”

(Manager Colour Marketing & Innovation)

Background and opportunity

Sigma Coatings, one of the brands of PPG Industries, produces and markets paints for the professional market. It’s customers are paint companies of all sizes. Sigma Coatings foresaw that the economic downturn would have a major effect on the construction market, and as a result on its own business.
SunIdee organised a workshop with the sales team to investigate the potential business impact on different types of clients and generate ideas to increase sales in the coming year.


An impact analysis of the economic crisis on different types of clients and market segments, and what this means for Sigma Coatings.

A variety of ideas to protect Sigma Coatings’ revenues and support its clients through the economic crisis.

An agreed plan of action for the next six months.


Kick-off meeting with the project owners to define objectives.

Design workshop programme and tailor innovation tools.

One-day workshop with the sales team (18 people).

Report on the results.