RCE - Roadmap for a future proof & manageable online model

Online decision-making model for the management team

“SunIdee quickly understood what was at stake in our organisation, they work with great commitment and have an open, honest and inspiring approach. The graphic of the result of the process with SunIdee, helps us to start a dialogue with internal and external stakeholders of the RCE in an appealing and structured way.”

(Project leader KIMOMO/account owner knowledge exchange at the Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed)


As knowledge centre the RCE has to deal with several target groups. Currently they lack understanding of the wishes its stakeholder and the specific information they need. Furthermore they do not know how to clearly provide this information and how to communicate most effectively. In total the RCE has over 8.000 Internet pages and this number increases daily.
Prior to actually initiating the process to develop a new online model, SunIdee is asked to work out a decision-making model for the management team in order to obtain commitment for the most appropriate and structural approach to address and improve RCE’s online model.


Analysis of the internal situation and exploration of the external situation.

A graphic visualisation of the decision-making model for the management team based on three levels of ambition, Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0.

The RCE is able to determine its level of ambition and anticipate per level of ambition the different consequences and priorities in the field of organizational structure, organizational culture, personnel and organization, communication, research and systems are stated.


The internal situation with respect to online communication is mapped via face-to-face and telephone interviews (10) with the entire project team and other (internal) stakeholders. For these interviews an intake manual is used.

Subsequently a half-day workshop is held with six external stakeholders – including policy makers of the municipality, owners and managers of monuments and advisors – in order to map their current and future wishes with respect to knowledge exchange and information. This output is considered exploratory.

In a workshop with internal stakeholders the opportunities, pitfalls, criteria, conditions, aspirations and consequences regarding the online offer are determined.
Subsequently all relevant information from the previous steps - the workshop with external stakeholders - is shared and discussed during the workshop.

This process results in a graphic visualisation of the online decision-making model including three levels of ambition, Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.
Based upon this model the RCE can determine her level of ambition and immediately see the consequences of this decision.
The online model is presented to the management team, which resulted in a commitment for the way foreward.