Shanks - Training, idea generation & C2C

Introduction training and idea generation using a Cradle-to-Cradle approach for the waste industry

"Normally we never do those workshops or sessions together, but today we found out that not only is really fun, but also very valuable!”

(Team manager at Shanks)

Background and opportunity

The Shanks Group is a multinational player in the waste management industry. Shanks notices that the society is getting increasingly aware of the effects of our consumption behavior on our planet and the environment. Our society is looking for alternative solutions to work and live in a more sustainable manner.
This results in frequent questions about a cradle-to-cradle approach to the waste management issue. SunIdee helped Shanks to get more hands-on experience with the cradle-to-cradle theory and come up with new business opportunities.


Basic knowledge on the cradle-to-cradle theory. Awareness of the effects & opportunities of cradle-to-cradle on the waste industry.

Over 100 ideas for new business opportunities, grouped in 24 concepts for 4 key stakeholders.

An enthusiastic and motivated team with a new perspective on sustainability.


Preparation of training and workshop materials for a one day Cradle-to-Cradle workshop.

Workshop - Morning programme:
Present theoretical framework; build a value net to define key stakeholders.

Workshop - Afternoon programme:
Generate concrete ideas and concepts for most important stakeholders.

Workshop - Wrap-up:
Make an action plan.