Staatsloterij - Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy

“The Blue Ocean workshop by SunIdee was a huge success. Because of the sophisticated tools we were able to keep our focus on creativity and content. This lead to new angles and more qualitative, deeper results.”

(Innovation & Research Manager, Nederlandse Staatsloterij)

Background and opportunity

The Nederlandse Staatsloterij, is the best known lottery of the Netherlands, since 1726. Due to international lottery developments (possible border crossing of other lotteries & online developments) and uncertainties regarding future legislation, the Nederlandse Staatsloterij wanted to explore several future scenarios and new possibilities to further grow their business.
SunIdee helped the Nederlandse Staatsloterij to identify possible Blue Oceans. We identified alternative or complementary market segments (and explored outside the obvious market segments) and defined opportunities for innovation to strengthen their position even more.


Four concrete innovation opportunities based on trends, company strengths and consumer value drivers and a gap analysis per opportunity; what is needed to further develop and implement these opportunities?

Value curves (strategy canvas) per alternative or complementary market segment; on which value drivers can we differentiate to create a Blue Ocean?

Blue ocean facilitator training and guide for innovation managers; how can we continue to “practice” Blue Ocean thinking ourselves (internally)?


Kick off with key stakeholders and interviews with participants to determine scope and set-up of the Blue Ocean workshop. Thorough understanding of earlier research and translation into workshop materials (use of what is already there).

Two day Blue Ocean Strategy Workshop with SunIdee tools based on the blue Ocean Strategy theory. With a multidisciplinary team of professionals of the Nederlandse Staatsloterij using existing research, trends, consumer insights, value drivers and company strengths to come up with a vision 10 years from now and define innovation opportunities outside the obvious market developments and competitors.

Half day Blue Ocean facilitator training for 2 innovation managers at the Nederlandse Staatsloterij to be able to facilitate future Blue Ocean workshops internally by themselves. Including a facilitator guide.

The following year, a 2 day Innovation Strategy was guided by SunIdee to help establish a clear innovation (growth) strategy & concrete ambitions. We built a innovation strategy roadmap with all existing and new concepts (propositions).