The Hague University of Applied Sciences - Co-create a new curriculum 

Co-create a new curriculum

“A lot of educational institutions loose the focus on their actual target groups. What is basically attractive and inspiring in education? What happens at the companies where graduated professionals end up? SunIdee helped us to obtain and utilize knowledge, by letting these target groups cooperate with the teachers to design a curriculum together. Working like this it was possible to make quick and valuable choices."

(Rianne Valkenburg, lector knowledge transfer in Product Innovation, The Hague University of Applied Sciences)

Background and opportunity

The Hague University of Applied Sciences (Haagse Hogeschool) educates professionals as “thinking doers”, to be prepared to fulfill the different jobs in society. What really distinguishes The Hague University of Applied Sciences is the variety within employees, students and partners of different ages, cultures and intellectual backgrounds. The world keeps changing rapidly, also for schools it is a big challenge to create a fit with the needs of the labor market and youngsters. The management of the Technology, Innovation & Society Academy and the Knowledge Transfer in Product Innovation Lectureship spotted the need for a new curriculum in their field of expertise.
They had put together a team of teachers with the assignment to explore the current world of innovation and to create a plan for a new curriculum. SunIdee guided this team to create a vision and develop the content for this innovation curriculum while very closely involving many different target groups.


A vision and mission for the new curriculum.

VISION: "The world is rapidly changing and becoming ever complicated. This growing complexity means an increasing need for professionals who can create and realise sustainable solutions that value people, the planet and business."

MISSION: "(Open) Innovator in Industrial Design Engineering will educate and train professionals who are able to see and anticipate current and future challenges in the world and have the ability to imagine, create and market sustainable solutions."

Insights in ideas, needs and wishes of the different target groups: students, professionals and teachers.

Innovative interpretation of the education, content and form of the curriculum.


Vision creation workshop.
SunIdee collected relevant information about the target group, trends, market and school itself. In a workshop SunIdee helped the team to look to the outside world in an interactive way: What is going on in society? What are the dilemmas and wishes of the companies? What motivates an arriving student nowadays? After this, they looked inside the school again: What good things does the school already do? What is the ambition of the team? The team found the link between the needs and dilemmas in the outside world with the strengths and possibilities within the school. These insights were translated into a vision and mission, which were supported by the entire team.

Insight development.
For a curriculum it is important that students are motivated and able to complete the curriculum within the time-span that was set beforehand. In a co-creation workshop with students we found out what motivates them and what their ideas about the future are with respect to innovation.

Co-creation with students, teachers and professionals from businesses.
The different stakeholders worked together in co-creation workshops to create the courses and projects of the curriculum. This emerged into inspiring and relevant education that connected to the possibilities of The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

An international innovation curriculum that educates the more aware innovator; starting in September 2011 with students coming from more than ten different countries ( Click here for the link to the Website).
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