Unicef - Innovative fundraising solutions

Innovative ways of fundraising: substantial new sources of income for Unicef in the future

"SunIdee helped us in the process of releasing the creativity of our organization and transform all of it into several very concrete and actionable ideas. This was done in a positive, professional, and inspiring manner. This unique way of working really helps us to start realizing the ideas in an accelerated manner!”

(Team manager Private Fundraising, Marketing and Communication Department)

Background and opportunity

Unicef helps children in many developing countries, by improving conditions in areas such as education, health, equality and protection. An important source of income for Unicef are financial contributions from individuals and organisations, as well as revenue from selling Unicef products to specific markets.
Due to the competitive pressure from other charity organisations, SunIdee helped Unicef to explore innovative concepts to create new sources of income.
This will help Unicef to continue their structural aid to children in developing countries, now and in the future.


We generated over 140 ideas for new sources of income, organised in 38 clear clusters.

A selection of 6 ideas was developed into concrete propositions, including an action plan.

A dedicated and enthusiastic team is to further develop the propositions. Latest status: Unicef managed to realize and launch 3 of the propositions!


Gain insight in the drivers and motivations to donate to charity and analyse relevant market trends in the market.

Generate concrete ideas for different market segments; from individual to corporate donors.

Choose the best ideas and develop them to concepts.

Select the best concepts to implement in Unicef and make an action plan.