Yante - Fresh insights & brand proposition

Innovation at the farm

“If we regard SunIdee to be an acronym, we can express our experience the following way: SUNny creativity; Inspirational; Drive full ownership; Experienced Excellence.
This project provided us with fresh insights and an interesting new brand proposition. In addition we were able to strengthen and intensify the relationship with our business partner. I compliment SunIdee for their way of working, their methodology, dedication and involvement. We certainly achieved the desired results; it has been a pleasure to cooperate."

(Marketing & Sales Director, Yante Creamery)

Background and opportunity

Yante Creamery handles the commerce of it’s sister company Eijssen Dairy, a small family-owned yoghurt factory with their own stock of cattle. Their yoghurt products are distributed to stores all-over the Netherlands, branded with different labels.
With their true entrepreneurial spirit the Eijssen family keeps on searching for new ways to add value to their products. For example, Yante Creamery was the first company to introduce Greek and Turkish yoghurt into the Dutch market, now a commodity on the dairy shelves. Taking care of their animals and their employees, responsible growth and cooperation are at the base of all their actions to guarantee the continuity of the company.
To be able to add value in the future, Yante Creamery has decided to develop a new brand from their identity. How can we translate our story and strengths into a relevant and differentiating brand and products?
SunIdee helped Yante Creamery to develop this brand by means of strategic sessions and consumer research.


A clearly defined target group and understandings of their wishes and dilemma’s regarding food, especially dairy products. This provided the point of departure for further developing the brand.

Insight in how the new brand can differentiate from its direct competitors, both on emotional as well as benefit level. Based on these insights a clear, differentiating positioning was selected that fits the strengths of Yante Creamery.

A credible, differentiating and relevant brand, and ideas for the accompanying product line were developed. These brand and products combine the consumer insights and the strengths of Yante Creamery.


Kick off & scope working session with Yante Creamery and their business partner. SunIdee helped the team to explore the market and define the target group in an interactive session. Innovative, sustainable food concepts were used as a source of inspiration.

To better understand the selected target group, consumers were interviewed at home. Topics that have been discussed included their attitude concerning food in general and their wishes and dilemmas concerning dairy products.

In a SunIdee brand workshop the brand proposition was defined from four angles: the customer need, the differentiating positioning in the market, the company identity and the product offering.

The results are translated into a presentation Yante can use in conversations with their business partners to implement the new brand and product line.