Consumer insights (B2C) & Customer insights (B2B)

See the world through your customer’s eyes.

Why are consumer insights important?

In order to make your organization more consumer-centric, consumer insights need to be the heart of your organization. Consumer insights are about really understanding what makes the consumer tick, and using this as a springboard for developing bright ideas for new products and services. You will not discover consumer insights from behind your desk: you have to immerse yourself in his life and see the world through his eyes.

We can not stress it enough: a consumer insight is NOT a product idea. Still, this is the most common mistake we encounter when we start working with new clients. Organisations have a great idea and re-engineer a consumer insight to fit this idea, often actually working the solution into the consumer insight. Like the consumer is literally asking for your new product without knowing of its existence!

What is the right approach for consumer insights?

In order to identify the consumer insight, you need to understand the consumer’s current behaviour, why he behaves this way, his interests and his desires: the consumer insight describes the true motivation of the end-user. As a guideline, we use the following structure for writing insights: WHAT - WHY - WOW

  • WHAT is the current situation and what is the problem / dilemma / anxiety in this situation? This part is all about describing observations, facts, and behaviour.

  • WHY is this a problem / anxiety / dilemma? This is where you pinpoint the key considerations, emotions and feelings: what does the consumer worry about, why doesn’t he or she act to change the situation?
  • WOW: what is the desired end state? This is where you describe the consumer’s ideal situation and how this will make him feel. It is about defining the effect your new solution must have for the consumer; don’t describe a product idea!

How can SunIdee help you?

Identify consumer insights

SunIdee has developed a pragmatic approach to discovering consumer insights, consisting of training, in-home visits and insight workshops. Our experts will train your team in interviewing consumers, organize and facilitate in-home visits, coach your team throughout the process and help them turn their findings into clear consumer insights.

Fine-tune and validate consumer insights

We will help you fine-tune insights in co-creation sessions with consumers through workshops or online focus groups. We work together with a network of local agencies to facilitate insight creation in international projects. Next, we will work together with market research agencies for quantitative validation.

Make it part of your process

In addition to working with you on innovation projects, we also train organizations in the consumer insight methodology, help you embed it in your innovation and marketing processes and coach internal facilitators in their day-to-day job. This way working with consumer insights becomes a core competence of your organization!