Customer Experience

Innovation in customer experience makes your services more valuable to the customer and your organization.

Why is innovation in customer experience important?

In the current information era the customer demands and expectations around services accelerate changes in how organisations need to deliver services to people.

  • Be relevant for your customer
  • New and improved service products
  • Improve the total customer experience
  • Empower your people to excel
  • More business success

Delivering successful Customer Experiences requires different methods and mindsets than traditional product innovation. Organisations need to move from technology-based innovations to more social innovation and understand user contexts and motivations. Innovation in customer experience takes people as its point of departure to create more useful, desirable and sustainable services for them. The innovation process covers all interactions between the customer and the organisation, by identifying where, when and how services can be made more valuable for the customer and for the organisation.

How can Sunidee help you?

Step 1 : Who is your customer?

  • What is the context of use? - Get better understanding of people’s worlds
  • What is the customer journey? - Get a complete picture of a person’s experience throughout the entire service process

Step 2: What is the desired interaction with your organisation?
  • What are all the customer touchpoints?

Step 3: How can we deliver over time?

  • Design all the touchpoints
  • Empower people within your organisation


  • Consumer insight workshop: get a better understanding of the habits and needs of your client, end users or people in general.
  • Consumer touchpoint workshop
  • Consumer journey workshop
  • Customer experience workshop
  • Co-creation and co-design workshops: design new service concepts in close cooperation with experts and end users.