Become a certified facilitator in only 2 days

Experience BrainBricks’ action-packed, thought-provoking training.

Facilitate kick ass brainstorming sessions.
Generate more & better ideas in less time.
Get a proven process to drive creativity & innovation.

In this intense 2-day training you will learn all of the skills and games you need to get the most out of any team in any situation.

As a certified BrainBricks facilitator you become a member of the best creative facilitators of the world. Continuous updates on new exercises and sharing best practices with other BrainBricks facilitators makes this a great professional experience for years to come.​

The BrainBricks facilitator training can only be booked as an in-company training.
Master all BrainBricks exercises, improve your facilitator skills and become inspired by fellow facilitators in this high energy 2-day training program. ​We will ​cover many exercises in 4 different knowledge areas:
Learn how to become a brilliant facilitator

  • Facilitator tips & tricks
  • Brainstorming rules
  • Workshop programme 1/2-day
  • Workshop programme 1-day workshop

Using BrainBricks to kick-start the brain

  • Get acquainted
  • Story building
  • Sharing expectations
  • Linking associations
  • Blind associations

Using BrainBricks to explore the challenge

  • Setting goals
  • Problem analysis
  • Culture & behaviour
  • Team roles

Using BrainBricks to generate great ideas

  • Idea swirl
  • Wow to how
  • Idea caterpillar
  • Define screening criteria
  • Idea selection matrix
  • Cluster ideas
  • Brand spark

Reactions from inspired participants:

"BrainBricks works"

"I got a clear idea about the different phases in a brainstorming session you can facilitate with BrainBricks."

"I'm inspired to use this in my organisation and finally have the tools to facilitate the creative process."

"A complete, valuable and inspiring training."

"Just do it!"