Consumer Profiles

Consumer Profiles

Consumer Profiles convert an anonymous consumer into a real and existing individual. Consumer Profiles are richly complemented with pictures, observations and statements, therefore the customer literally gets a face in the organization.

Target group descriptions and consumer segmentations are useful for strategic decisions, but when you want to innovate you need something more specific and more inspirational. You need to get in touch with your (target) consumer and capture his behaviour in a visual way.


Consumer Profiles capture the results from in-home visits, shopper research and on-the-go usage observations. Each person's behaviour is reflected in a highly visual way in 2 or 3 PowerPoint slides, making it easy to share results in the organization.


A set of Consumer Profiles that are the starting point for writing Consumer Insights and a source of inspiration for generating customer-centred ideas. This adds a new dimension to your innovation project and improves results dramatically.