Online co-creation platform

Online co-creation platform

Online co-creation is a fantastic way to gather input or feedback from a large group of people in a short period of time. Our online co-creation platform is designed to facilitate collaborative innovation with colleagues, external experts, customers and consumers.

Your brand guidelines can be applied to the platform, creating a unique on-line environment with a great user experience. The platform comes with a smartphone app, making it easy for participants to collaborate anytime, anywhere.

The number one key success factor for innovation is understanding the needs and desires of your customers. Direct one-on-one interaction with customers delivers the most in-depth understanding, but is a time-consuming activity. If you want to involve a large group of people or if you are working on an international project and time and budget is limited, online co-creation is the way to go.


Online co-creation works great in many types of projects. Some examples:

  • Identify relevant customer insights.
  • Come up with new ideas, together with your (potential) customers.
  • Get feedback on ideas and propositions.
  • Improve value propositions, together with your (potential) customers.


The best results can be created by combining online co-creation with offline workshops in which the project team translates the input to concrete results that fit you company strategy and brand values. The deliverables will depend on your project objectives. Whether you are looking for a new vision for the future of for concrete propositions for new products and services, we can help you get there in an inspiring yet result-focused way.


Challenges are an ideal way to trigger inspiration. Community members can submit ideas, collect votes and receive points for their best submission. A challenge is fun to do, delivers valuable input and keeps the energy high in the community.

Personal diaries

A diary is a powerful tool to gain insight into the lives of your customers and start a dialogue. Participants can share their daily routine and events in text, pictures and videos.

Forum & questionnaires

You can post topics, start discussions, and discuss topics real-time in online groups discussions. In addition you can set up questionnaires, target them to the different subgroups in your community and collect quantitative results.

Gamification, points & badges

Rewarding your community members with points and badges for their participation is a good method to get activity going. The webshop can be a place to exchange earned points into gifts. Fill the webshop with products of your own or put in other goodies.