The roadmap tool will give you an overview of relevant future events, projects, or drivers for your company on a timeline. The roadmap tool provides good overview and is excellent for prioritizing and decision making. It has proven to be ideal in visualizing the bigger picture.

Creating a roadmap should be a collaborative process, in which a multidisciplinary team decides on which steps to take and when to take them. Creating a visual overview is essential to reveal interdependencies, support decision making and develop concrete plans of action.


The content of the roadmap depends on your innovation challenge. Most common are:

  • Product roadmaps: how to grow a product into a whole line of products, building on new technical possibilities that will arise.
  • Service roadmaps: how to build a service business around your products.
  • Project roadmaps: how do all innovation projects interrelate and which technology enablers should get highest priority for development.


The roadmap provides you with a visual overview that includes projects, timing, priorities, interdependencies and key decision points. A concrete plan of action helps your team to make it happen.