Value Curves

Value Curves

Value Curves is an excellent tool to clarify and define the competitive advantage of your proposition. By making an overview of your own proposition vs. the competing propositions, you will gain insight if your proposition is based on the relevant value drivers from a customer's perspective.
The Value Curves tool is based on the Blue Ocean Strategy theory.

Blue Ocean Strategy has become a very popular way of thinking: instead of trying to outperform your competitors in a crowded marketplace, it is better to make your competition irrelevant by creating a new market or a new market segment. Even though the theory is great, our clients find it quite difficult to go from reading the book to applying it in their innovation process. Since we believe things should be simple, we developed an easy-to-use tool for innovation workshops that our clients love.


Through a series of exercises, you will identify relevant value drivers for your customers. These value divers are directly linked to your customer’s motivations in the selection and purchasing process and his willingness to pay. Next you will map out and fine-tune your proposition compared to competing offerings.


Your team will fine-tune your proposition to add most value for your customer while achieving maximum differentiation from competition. In addition, it will decide on the best positioning strategy for your proposition in the market.