Value Net

Value Net

Value Net is a tool to create a visual overview of the complex market dynamics in business-to-business (B2B) environments, in a simple and appealing way. This will give you a better understanding of your customers' decision making process, key stakeholders involved in this process and how and where you can add value.

Business-to-business markets often involve many stakeholders and influencers. Rather than only focusing on business transactions, you need to develop a broader view. An overview of who is influencing who, and who eventually decides is essential for a successful commercial strategy.


The Value Net tool helps you visualize the different phases in the decision making process, how this changes over time, who is involved, and what their needs are. Once you understand the whole process, you can easily identify how to change your commercial strategy in order to improve your business' success.


Your team will develop a profound insight into the market dynamics and the players involved, and define the most effective commercial strategy or sales approach.