Philips Lighting – Tool development for Brand Preference & NPS workshops

“I am very happy with and proud of the results.
Extremely well done!”

(Director Customer, Brand and Communication Intelligence, Philips Lighting, Market Intelligence)

Background and opportunity

Philips Lighting is a leading provider of lighting solutions and applications for both professional and consumer markets. To help the organization become more customer focused, Philips Lighting researches Brand Preference and the Net Promoter Score (NPS). During workshops with local teams, the results from this research are translated into concrete actions for implementing improvements.
To make the huge amounts of research results more appealing, Philips Lighting wanted to improve the workshop procedure by making it more interactive.
SunIdee worked together with Philips Lighting in the development of a custom tool and workshop procedure. This approach was also translated into a video conference procedure.


The workshop procedure, based on a simplified purchase funnel, takes workshop participants through the research results step-by-step.

Cards with customer quotes from the research are used to make the data from the research come alive.

A folder for the cards and a software plug-in make it possible to use the workshop approach in a videoconference, minimizing the need for international travel.


We developed a simplified model of the purchase funnel to link the Brand Preference to the NPS research results.

Based on this approach, we defined a step-by-step workshop procedure. To make the research results more appealing, customers' quotes from the research were an integral part of the workshop steps.

We piloted the workshop procedure and optimized the process for preparing workshops.

We translated the workshop approach to a videoconference approach and developed a software plug-in to allow for interactive discussions during the videoconferences.