Retail Innovation

It is all about the ultimate customer experience.

Why is retail innovation so important?

Everyone, no exceptions, has to deal with shopping, whether they like it or not. Is it not offline, then it probably will be online. Everyone has their opinion and preferences. But how do you become the preferred retailer? That is where the speed of innovation comes knocking on your door.
Situation: Many retailers are just not able to keep up with the ever changing needs of their customers. Once they think they have the right direction and start to remodel the store or introduce a new collection or trendy food concepts, the consumer turned 180 degrees in the mean time.

Challenge: So how do you develop sustainable strategies & concepts for the long term, instead of developing based on casual trends? How to create the ultimate customer experience? You will really have to look at your basic strategy again, align with megatrends which are always present and match relevant (underlying) consumer/shopper insights with your company strengths. Do not forget to get inspired by what happens around you (not only your city or country) and use the world as your playground.

How can SunIdee help you?

Identify relevant trends and gain shopper insights and consumer insights.

SunIdee developed a result driven and pragmatic approach. In this phase we make use of all the relevant research done. We use the SunIdee TrendWheel to select the most important mega trends and translate them to your business. We gain shopper and consumer insights.

Formulate a category vision and shelf vision.

In a strategic working session and or workshop we define the category vision and shelf vision.

Generate relevant ideas and concepts

Based on the formulated category vision and shelf vision we will help your team to come up with lots of new and innovative ideas. For the ideation we will use the most suitable tools that are developed by SunIdee. In these tools the gained insights are used as a starting point. The most promising and best-fitted ideas will be worked out in clear concepts.