Develop products and services without compromising the ability to meet the demands of the future generations.

Why is sustainability important?

The resources of our planet are limited. Sustainability has been a hot topic over the last decades. The days that 'green thinking' was the exclusive domain for environmentalists and treehuggers are far behind us.
Governments realize we need new ways of thinking about the planet, companies are aware that we need new ways of making, using, and disposing of products.
Luckily, big transitions offer new opportunities. Sustainability is not a marketing tool anymore, but a new way of working that offers vast new business opportunities.

Sustainability offers many new opportunities for all industries. It stimulates the use of new materials, creation of new products and services, and invention of innovative business models.
The companies that have a clever 'green' strategy, are the ones that will have a substantial competitive advantages over their competition.
This asks for a new mindset. Because sustainability in business will change from a 'nice-to-have' to an essential ingredient for surival.

What is the right approach for sustainability?

It is important to look at sustainability from two perspectives: from the perspective of your organization, and from the perspecitive of your customer.
Your organization should work only on initiatives and projects that are in line with the corporate 'DNA'. Otherwise it will be really difficult to successfully implement the new sustainable product or service.

On the other hand, your sustainable initiative should also make sense from a customer's point of view.
Therefore your organization should centre your development efforts around the needs of the customer.
Just like in 'regular' innovation projects, your new product or service will only be a success if the customers see the added value of it!

How can SunIdee help you?

Develop a sustainable strategy

The successrate of each organization will increase dramatically when you have a good strategy in place. This is especially true for the topics of sustainability and social responsible entrepreneurship. These topics can give your company a real competitive advantage.
SunIdee has a structured approach, to help you to make clear decisions on objectives, focus, and the role of sustainability.

Develop sustainable products and services

It is not about what you say, but what you do. In order to be taken seriously in the increasingly crowded green marketplace, you need the products to back up your claims.
SunIdee helps your organisation to deliver sustainable products and services, that customers like to have, and your team loves to work on!

Train your team on green topics

When talking about sustainability, you might assume we will have a discussion about reducing and diminishing on your products. The fun thing is that actually the opposite is true!
We train your team to look for the right opportunities, that add value from a social, environmental, and brand equity perspective.
Each SunIdee training is partly tailor-made. That way we can provide a theoretic framwework on your chosen topics, but also work on cases and examples that are relevant for your company.