Deborah Nas


After graduation at Delft University of Technology, faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, I kick-started my career at Philips and later made the switch to KPN in the role of product manager, new business creation manager and consultant in Europe, Asia and Africa. In 2002 I co-founded SunIdee, and I’ve been working on great innovation projects ever since.


I am passionate about understanding why people do what they do. Next to observing and talking with consumers, I love reading books on behaviour and psychological aspects that drive their behaviour. I use this knowledge to help companies create simple solutions for everyday problems. Next to work, I enjoy immersing in other cultures and travelling the world.


As one of the founders of SunIdee I have dedicated my professional life to creating ‘the bright way to innovate’. Working with leading brands in B2C and B2B markets, I especially enjoy working on projects that strive to make companies more customer-centric. Customer Insights and Customer-driven Product Portfolios are often at the heart of these projects.

Themes I love working on





Latest Case Studies

Amstel – Ideas & concepts for the next 3 years


Leaseplan – Growth strategy & new market


NFI – Customer focused product portfolio