Ernestine van Herwerden


My background in Modern art and Dutch design gives me the right outlook to oversee movements, and to pinpoint meaningful details. By sharing knowledge about trends and developments and by making unexpected combinations, I inspire corporations to innovate. I believe that consumer insights are the right basis for innovation, for all brands and organisations. I am curious by nature and combined with my observation skills and pragmatic way of working, I have found a great balance between thinking and doing.


I’m always on the hunt for surprising insights from consumers, disruptive businesses and inspiration from the world around us. These insights are the building blocks for new, unexpected connections. In my heart, I’m an enthusiastic ‘creator’ and I love the moment we make a product or service even more beautiful, relevant, and therefor better.


I work with Design Thinking tools in both B2B and B2C environments. These are excellent tools for co-creation, in which we jointly translate insights into growth strategies, product and service innovations and new marketing ideas. My interpersonal skills and corporate sensitivity allow me to navigate complex organisations, align stakeholders and make innovation happen.

Themes I love working on