Loes van der Putten

Positively contribute to society

My passion is to positively contribute to society. I believe that truly understanding the motivations and interests of people forms the basis of all relevant change.
I love to work in complex multi-stakeholder circumstances in which smart and visual interpretations open the self-evident opportunities for innovation.

Unravel multi-stakeholder complexity

I am most experienced in unraveling multi-stakeholder complexity within an educational, cultural and financial context. I am focused on creating a positive culture of innovation. Involving people and uncovering the key insights together is always a magic moment, which makes innovation reversible. The unique combination of my business economic and design thinking expertise is relevant in creating real shared value for people, organizations and society.

Finance and business meets design thinking

After innovating in marketing and strategy from a consumer’s perspective at ING for more than 10 years, I decided to include the environmental and social challenges of this time into my work.
I finished a master at VU University, Environment & Resource Management, and started my own sustainability consultancy practice.
I decided to associate with Sunidee because I believe that Sunidee’s design thinking thought perfectly complements my financial and business background to successfully and positively redesign society at large.