Maarten Zinkstok

I love it when we are building plans together!

I love working on projects where teams look for creative ways to meet business challenges, especially in a group setting with different expertises involved. Creating a creative, energetic atmosphere where everyone is empowered to come up with the best ideas is something I like to do: inspiring everyone with the means to think from a customer perspective and sharing different opinions.


My master studies focused on strategic product design, i.e. how can new products help to achieve the strategic goals of companies and how do you come up with these goals. In my graduation project I created an on-line tool for internal use within companies, which focused on the creative development of new product ideas. I am currently laying my ear towards the latest developments in online media.

Business innovation?

I have graduated at Delft University of Technology, faculty of Industrial Design. For my graduation project I created an on-line tool. This tool helped new product ideas living in a company to spread around and to be developed in tiny steps. After graduation, I started working for SunIdee. Having done an internship there I knew why I wanted to work here: the design approach towards business innovation.

Themes I love working on