Marianne Dekeyser

“I strongly believe that innovation is designed by people for people”


Marianne is graduated in Marketing Management at Reims Management School and completed this degree with a Postgraduate Diploma in Brand Management & Communication at CELSA (Paris Sorbonne). She is also a certified coach in innovative leadership.
For 16 years, Marianne has served innovation, both as a corporate innovation manager within renowned international companies and as an innovation consultant.
She is also part of some leading French innovation committees on innovation management and sustainable innovation.


I am driven by this motto : « The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open. »* Therefore I like discovering new people and new “things” popping-up around to nurture new thinking alternatives.
I like above all simplicity.

*Anthony J. D’Angelo


Marianne has a rich and hybrid innovation work experience, both across a wide range of industry sectors and innovation projects, such as new activity development, innovation strategy, branding management.
Faced with any given innovation challenge, I like to work in co-operation with your multidisciplinary teams, helping them refresh ideas and perspectives, make objective decision-making in order to find your unique, concrete and positive solutions.