Michiel Oudakker 

Co-founded SunIdee with Deborah Nas in 2002.

Seeing the bigger picture

Every time I'm in a plane, I wonder about the world and how everything you see is related and intertwined. In today's world of business, it's impossible to improve or innovate without looking at the bigger picture.
I see it as my personal mission to make sense of this bigger picture, in order to create a foundation to trigger innovative solutions.

Connecting the dots

Once there is a shared understanding of the bigger picture, all the ingredients are there to connect the dots, see the obvious solutions and help to spark the imagination of the team to create something new and of true value. In this process, I'm committed to the outcome.

Create impact

The success of what we do is gauged on how our clients appreciate the effect of our work.

I have been very lucky to have worked with amazing people on a lot of challenging projects over the years.

I'm open for (international) projects to address the common good and I love to fly!

Themes I love working on




Latest Case Studies

CPP - Create competitive differentiation (portfolio)


Philips – Global market introduction of a new product line