Paul Willems

Passionate about opportunities

Curious to find out what makes people move, I am constantly looking for opportunities for improvement. I am fascinated about the possibilities that technology has to offer. That's why I'm passionate when developing new possibilities that surface from changes in society and technology.

I love to look at organisations and products and search for new ways to make their goals succeed better or faster.

Convinced about change

I have lots of experience in traditional area's of innovation like technical product and concept development. Aside I also created many improvements of procurement and sales processes. Transitions from Product Sales to Solution and Service Selling are known territories. Innovation means that you change the things you do today. Consequently you'll also need to stop some things you did before. Innovating successfully can't be done without attention for the change itself. I can give that attention.

Commercial with technical foundation

Graduated in Industrial Engineering, I have been working in global industrial companies since 2001. Following a role as concept developer at Ericsson's Consumer Products division, I joined General Electric Plastics as a marketeer in 2002. At Tata Steel, I conducted various roles in Sales, Procurement, Business Development and Marketing between 2006 and 2014. In all those roles, I've been focusing on innovation: product development, process innovation or new markets. In 2014 I joined Sunidee.

Themes I love working on